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Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Shannon Boshears has been a musical favorite on the scene where the blues was born and raised, in the south. Her distinctive and gutsy vocal ability is a showcase of her love for various soul, blues, and rock styles on which she accompanies herself on guitar. Depending on the venue, you can find her playing from small, smoky bars to large music festivals like the Arkansas River Blues Festival and The King Biscuit Blues Festival. Boshears has carved out her own musical groove that can be seen and heard on any given night on which she is performing. In 2001, she released her first full length CD, "Chicksinger." She showcased twelve original tracks that featured blues/rock, guitar driven songs with as much diversity as her musical tastes. From that CD, the track "If Anybody Asks You (Callin')" was picked up on the soundtrack to the Ashley Judd film, "Come Early Morning" which was released nationwide in theaters and released on a soundtrack alongside giants such as Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Emmylou Harris and Billy Joe Shaver.

Boshears released her second CD, "Black Mascara" in 2008. Another diverse release, she delivers 11 tracks showing her southern roots of blues, rock, country and gospel. “I’m very inspired by the south and all the area that surrounds me here. I tend to draw on it a lot for my writing,” she explains. Growing up in Arkansas, the landscape was washed with blues, country, rock and gospel music. It’s all of these genres of music that are found on “Black Mascara.” She explains, “All of that music is the same to me, really. It’s such a fine line – even though they may sound different, they each produce the same effect. I get the same feeling from blues music that I do from gospel – it’s a yearning for something else, something that no person or thing can satisfy in me.” Check out iTunes to purchase the CDs.